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Elegant Table Arrangement

Making Dreams Come True

I founded Fusion Events to answer a call that I heard. It was that feeling that I could found a business that would push boundaries and allow me to deliver what my clients wanted. Food and Events that are Fresh, Bold, and Memorable.

I've worked for some great people, but things started to feel stale.


I longed for a place that cultivated fresh ideas and bold concepts. When I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for, and after more than 20 years of experience, I knew it was time to strike out on my own.


It's this passion that resonates with our clients. They can feel the love and intensity we have for this business. It comes through in everything we do.


I've learned that our clients aren't hungry for the same old things. They want new flavors, ones that take advantage of variety and the seasons. They want to deliver an experience to their guests that is totally unique. One that they can be proud of.

With Fusion Events your goals and our goals become the same.


With our level of experience and creativity, we take your vision and distill it down into an executable plan. We love meeting with clients and building layer upon layer of flavors and textures to deliver Fusion Cuisine that reflects their individual personalities.


It goes beyond just the food!


After hosting several events in my career, I knew delivering world-class cuisine is only part of the equation. Great events rely on attention to detail and I work hard not to miss any. That’s why I leave nothing to chance. We can handle everything from service staff, bartenders, photographers, florist, rentals, and entertainment options to fit your event’s style.

And when it’s time to go home, we stay and ensure that everything is properly put away. When our crew leaves, your memories of a great event will be the only thing that remains.

No matter your style, your event, or your budget, we can work with you to create a memorable day. The kind of day that your guests will talk about for years.

Felicia Quintero
Founder of Fusion Events
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Neftali Martinez
Executive Chef and Co-Founder

As a child growing up in El Salvador, Chef Neftali was a natural in the kitchen. It was second nature helping prepare meals for intimate and large family gatherings. As he grew older so did his passion for bringing people together through food. Knowing that through hard work and perseverance he would find his way into the culinary world; he took his first job in the industry as a dishwasher. 


Soon after he started to move up in the ranks and created the opportunity to work in many different mediums, from fine dining to large catered events exploring a multitude of different cultural cuisines.

Sharon Wandler
  Operations Manager

Since the age of 7, I’ve been immersed in the world of hospitality, starting as a table busser at our family-owned restaurant where I cleared tables for a quarter per table. Little did I know that those early days would help to shape my path in the world of hospitality. Fast forward to today, I’ve grown to become an operations manager with a passion for delivering exceptional client service. My journey has taken me through various industries and has given me the skills to keep things running like a well-oiled machine. 


Being a valued member of the Fusion Events team allows me to bring together my vast knowledge to create an efficient and seamless experiences for our clients.

Lexi Headshots - Holly Sigafoos Photo-20.jpg
Lexi Luciani
Event Coordinator

Growing up in San Clemente, California, "The Spanish Village By The Sea", I have been coordinating weddings and events for the past 5 years, bringing clients' visions and unforgettable experiences to life. Before becoming a full-time event planner, I was a catering manager for 8 years, always involved in hospitality and completely obsessed with it. I feel that the experience and knowledge I've gained from my background greatly assists in the planning process and helps to make each day even more magical.

I consider myself a major people person, striving to make as many relationships as I can along the way. I really love creating that bond and connecting with my clients to ensure an overall memorable experience.

I am so excited to be a part of the Fusion Events team, committed to crafting an amazing and unique overall experience.

Turning a Vision into Reality

I’ve been in the catering and events industry for over 20 years. You could say that I got here almost by accident. I was going to school for business and took a catering job to help with tuition, that’s when I discovered my passion.


Creating memorable events and seeing the smiles on clients faces brings me pure joy.

After working for several catering companies, I knew that eventually, I needed to run my own company, where I could do things the “right way.”

It’s this desire to do things the right way, to comb over every last detail and bring each clients' vision to life that drives me each and every day.

As the Creative Director of Fusion Events it is my job to bring your vision to life with a plan that works. I love taking a client’s ideas, fusing it with their personality and adding our personal flair to create an event that is one of a kind. One that guests are sure to remember.

As a mother of two little girls, I strive to set a good example of what’s possible when you couple hard work with your passion.

I look forward to working with you soon to create your next event.

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