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5 Tips to Keep Your Guests From Bailing on Your Next Event

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

Whether you are planning a wedding, a private party, or even a work-related corporate event, one of the biggest fears that our clients have is that no one will show up. Okay, maybe they don't worry that they'll be the only ones there, but they do fear that many of the people they want there will decide not to show up.

Why is this? People now are so obsessed with being spontaneous and maximizing what little free time they have, that they are reluctant to commit to anything. How many times have you endlessly surfed Netflix, looking for the perfect movie only to end up frustrated with nothing to watch?

So, what can you do? Here are 5 tips that will keep your guests from bailing out on you at the last minute.

1. Make Them Forget FOMO: We are all afraid we are missing out on something better. It's this "Fear of Missing Out" or FOMO that keeps many from showing up. When working up your invite list you must include and win over the influencers of your group.

Your event needs to end the "FOMO" in their lives. Do not let them surf for something better, like they do when trying to find something to watch.

If you can get the most influential on your guest list to commit, most of the others will follow along. They will relax and realize that because so and so is showing up, it must be the place to be.

2. Be Flexible: Not everyone wants to be locked in to an entire itinerary. For example, if you are planning that corporate event you need to be respectful that your team is giving up free-time to spend even more time "off the clock" with people they work with.

Like we've said in the past, being flexible goes a long way towards having a great event. We can help you build flexibility into any event.

Adopt an itinerary that encourages come and go attendance. Think about using a buffet set-up without a rigid serving time. If they know that there is a viable exit strategy, the pressure's off and they will end up spending most of the night at your party.

3. Create Your Own Hype: In this day and age you have to be a bit of a promoter, even with your friends and family. Thankfully it is easier than ever with social media. Consider creating a Facebook Page for your event to keep your guests informed and build hype as the day approaches. Your posts do not have to be elaborate you just need to keep your event in front of your guests.

When planning any event, in today's culture you have to be your own promoter. It's not enough to send out pretty invitations and "wait and hope." You have to create the hype around your party!

A simple countdown post or poll works well to create engagement. You can ask your guest list to list their favorite food or type of music they want to hear. If they know their voice is heard, they will be more likely to show up since they had a "hand in the planning."

4. Make it Easy to RSVP: In today's culture, who has time for a stamp and trip to the post office? Actual voice call, not on anyone's list of favorites? Make it known that you're fine with them sending their RSVP by text, email, or even a DM. You'll have greater participation and attendance.

People are more likely to respond to your invitation when you make it easy. Asking them to mail a letter? Not likely. Allowing them to text, email, or even message you via social media shows you and your event "get it."

Send out a reminder before your deadline to catch people's attention again. One tip we've seen work is sending out a second reminder right after the "deadline" letting everyone know it's okay to still respond. People are busy and just because they haven't responded, doesn't mean they don't want to come.

5. Location, Location, Location: Choose a venue that's easy for people to get to. Sometimes you may need to sacrifice that picture perfect venue for one that makes it easy for people to find and convenient to attend. A central location with decent parking trumps just about everything. If alcohol is served, is the venue easily served by Uber or Lyft?

Perfect Trendy Downtown Hot Spot? Your guests might not see it that way. Too much traffic, no parking and no way to get home is more likely. Compromising your venue by choosing one that is easy to access for the majority of your guests will ensure that more people actually show up.

Successfully addressing these 5 tips will give you a great chance at having an event that people talk about in a good way. If you need any help with planning your next event, as always we are here for you!

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